About My Blog

I am writing this blog because I think the church in North America has become ineffective to a large degree. I’m sure I will make some enemies by saying this, but it is true. There needs to be a place where people can go to hear the truth. It is my intention to make this such a place. High school graduates are leaving the church because they have no roots in the faith. They may have grown up in the church but have never even read the entire Bible or studied it. The very institution charged with equipping the saints has done an inadequate job.

There are a number of reasons for this. Churches are a business. They are dependent upon tithes and donations to sustain their existence. Because of this, many churches place the focus of church leadership on “Church Growth.” Another reason churches in America fail to teach the Bible as they should is because of the diversity of the congregation. The given population of a church might include a number of people living lives that may not reflect the life of Christ. If Church teaching were to condemn the behavior, the attendees might be offended and stop coming, or even worse stop giving. The church has become a weak shell of what it once was due to lack of education and leadership. They have become a politically correct microcosm of the culture they are supposed to influence.

The culture itself has been inundated with liberal ideologies that have made their way into the church congregations and pulpits. Children are taught liberal ideas from a young age without even realizing it. Liberalism is taught in cartoons, music, television, movies, news, and now the church. Our culture teaches that the things of God are intolerant and undesirable. “After all,” they say, “how can you believe a book that was written 2,000 years ago?” It is my intention to show you how.

The resurgence of Islam in the Middle East is truly amazing. The fact that Islamic ideologies have been involved in policy-making within our government is truly alarming. Make no mistake; there is no such thing as radical Islam. Islam is radical. Christians are being killed in the Middle East for blasphemy and apostasy while the church in America happily plans the next church social. But it gets worse.

The Scofield Bible with notes was responsible for presenting an entirely new concept to seminarians and pastors in the early part of the twentieth century. The notes in the Bible explained that the rapture of the church would happen before the tribulation, despite the fact that the Bible teaches the exact opposite. Many pastors and students read these notes and followed along without checking the Scriptures as to their validity. I grew up being taught and believing this. It was not until I conducted a serious study of the Bible myself that I discovered the truth. That does not mean I’m not vilified and marginalized because of my perspective.

The Bible teaches us to search the scriptures. I have done and continue to do that. What I will not do is accept a doctrine as true that contradicts what I read in the Bible. It is my desire to search for and present the truth, even if it is unpopular. Welcome aboard!


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