Reason number 4.

Remember the number 173,880 and be prepared to have your socks blown off. The last four verses of Daniel 9 are known as the Seventy Weeks of Daniel. It is within these verses that very specific information is given to the Jews regarding their expectation for the Messiah. Daniel 9:24 -25 says that 70 weeks are set-aside for the Jews. These are not weeks, as in seven days, but weeks of years; each week is equal to a seven-year period. Verse 25 tells the Jews to KNOW AND DISCERN that from a decree to rebuild Jerusalem (after destruction by the Babylonians) until the Messiah the Prince would be 7 and 62 weeks. That is 69 weeks from the order to rebuild the city until the Messiah.

69 weeks x 7 years per week = 483 years

483 x 360 = 173,880 days (360 day year is standard)

If one calculates the difference between 1 Nissan 444 B.C. (March 5) and 1 Nissan 33 A.D. he or she would arrive at a difference of 476 years. This time period needs to be converted to the Julian calendar system by multiplying and adding the following.

476 x 365.242            =       173,855 days

March 5 – March 30 =          +     25 days

173,880 days

Nehemiah 2:1-9 records the decree by the Persian King Artaxerxes in 444 B.C. Remember, the book of Daniel was written about one hundred years before this decree was issued. By adding 173,880 days from when the order was given (1 Nissan) we arrive at 10 Nissan 33A.D.  (I first read about this about twenty years ago. Sir Robert Anderson cracked the code and wrote about it in his book “The Coming Prince” which was published in 1894. Since then more precise information regarding dates has been conducted. H.W. Hoehner’s book “Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ” improves on Anderson’s work.)

Here is where it gets interesting. Throughout Jesus’ ministry on earth people kept trying to make Him king. The gospels record His response. Jesus always told people, “It’s not My time”, or He would evade them. There was only one time where Jesus allowed Himself to be hailed as King. That was on 10 Nissan 33 A.D. This was the day of Jesus’ triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem.

Zechariah 9:9 put it this way. “…Behold, your King is coming to you; He is just and endowed with salvation, Humble, and mounted on a donkey, even on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

John 12:13 “Took the branches of the palm trees, and went out to meet Him, and began to cry out, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, even the King of Israel.”

The Pharisees that heard what Jesus followers were saying told Him to rebuke His disciples. Jesus responded by telling the Pharisees that if His followers were quiet the very stones would cry out.  Jesus knew this was His time to be recognized as King. He wept over the city and pronounced judgment because the Jews did not recognize the time of His visitation.

Jesus expected the Jews to know the Scriptures. The Jews were ordered to KNOW AND DISCERN events regarding His arrival as King. The Jews missed it; John 19:42 records that that the things which make for peace are hidden from the Jews because of it. Don’t you think we should give more attention to the Bible? I certainly do.



  1. I like this post. It speaks truth in it. I did a similar blog about the Daniel 9 prophecy a while back. You might be interested in some of my blogs too if you want to check them out.

    • Thanks James. I will check it out. Brand new to this blogging thing. I have been posting on Facebook but was encouraged to start a blog. Kind of feeling my way around.


      • You are good at it. I have been blogging for years. My old blog I shut down because I ran out of space and started a new blog later. The Montana Truth Seekers blog I have now is only a little over a year old. You will get the hang of it. Craig keep up the great work. Also here is a tip you can use, add at least one picture into your post and use the reader function to like other peoples blogs. It will help you get more readers.

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