Reason number 3.

The problem with much of the Bible is that to truly understand it, one must be very familiar with Middle Eastern history. The good news about this is that there is an ample supply of secular historians that can confirm the information. This is true of one of my all time favorite Bible passages, Ezekiel chapter 26.

God promises to destroy the ancient city of Tyre in Ezekiel 26. This passage is interesting because of the reason God states for his judgment, but also because of the details given about this particular judgment. Verse 2 tells us why God is going to destroy the city. It is because the men of Tyre looked upon Jerusalem as a target for conquest. Because of this attitude towards Jerusalem, God makes 7 very clear predictions about the ancient city of Tyre.

  1. Many nations will come against Tyre. (26:3).
  2. Tyre’s debris will be scraped bare (26:4).
  3. Tyre will be a place to spread nets (26:5).
  4. Nebuchadnezzar will destroy the mainland city of Tyre (26:8).
  5. Debris will be thrown into the water (26:12)
  6. Tyre won’t ever be rebuilt (26:14).
  7. Tyre won’t ever be found (26:21).

History records the destruction of this city in a very dramatic way. Three years after Ezekiel’s prophecy Nebuchadnezzar begins a thirteen-year assault (585 B.C. – 573 B.C.) on the mainland of Tyre. The mainland city of Tyre was destroyed and most of the residents had moved onto an island one half mile into the Mediterranean Sea. The island city of Tyre remained until Alexander the Great appeared on the scene in 332 B.C.  Alexander began using debris from the destruction of the mainland city of Tyre to build a causeway to the Island city of Tyre. When Alexander’s armies were done with the causeway, not a stone remained. Historian Philip Myers records that nothing remains of the ancient city of Tyre; it is laid bare and is frequently used for fisherman to dry their nets. There is much more detail one can find out about the history of Tyre, but this should help get the main points out.

I find this fascinating because of the detail of the prophecy, the detail of the fulfillment, and the reason for the destruction of the city. We are just scratching the surface however. Stay tuned for more reasons WHY I BELIEVE THE BIBLE, AND WHY YOU SHOULD TOO.


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