Reason number 1

This year my daughter learned about the Renaissance in her Western Civilizations class. Some of the class time was spent learning about how the church influenced the culture of the time. The students were required to visit several churches this year that were influential during the Renaissance and write a couple of papers comparing and contrasting them. We visited Catholic, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Baptist, and Charismatic churches this past year.

The one thing that most of the churches we visited had in common was a token acknowledgement of the importance of the Bible. Some of the services did not mention the Bible or verses from the Bible at all, but focused on church tradition.  Many of the churches had no Bible Studies listed in their church bulletins; the studies that were listed were not Bible studies but group studies focused on a workbook. Is it any wonder that Christians today don’t know what they believe, or why they believe it?

I posted an article on Facebook a couple of years ago. The article was about how most Christians are unable to explain their faith. The article quotes Christian apologist Josh McDowell and makes the observation that many kids who grow up in the church leave after high school because they have no firm roots in the faith. McDowell states that over the past 17 years he has asked over 4,000 pastors, leaders and parents why they believe the Bible is true. McDowell noted that a mere six came close to giving an intelligent answer. I find that appalling but not too surprising.

Never fear my dear friends. I will help provide logical reasons for you to know why you should believe the Bible is true. Starting today, I will give reasons for you to believe that the Bible is a reliable source, and the God of the Bible is the One, True God.

I believe the Bible is true because:

It’s a collection of 66 books that has been written by forty different people. The Bible was written over a period of about 1,600 years; yet the message of the Bible is consistent. The Bible is a compilation of writings about God’s great love for mankind. It’s a collection of books that documents Gods’ plan of redemption through His son Jesus. Show me any other collection of writings or a “holy book” that could keep the integrity of the message unaltered if given the same number of authors over a similar period of time. The Bible is Supernatural in the way it was written, distributed, and preserved. That is just one of the reasons why I believe the Bible is true.


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